Art + Climate Science Event at HFBK Hamburg

I will be giving a talk on Thursday October 16th 2014 at the Hamburg Art School (HFBK Hamburg), at a symposium entitled “Wissenschaft trifft Kunst” (Science meets Art), alongside the closing event of a current exhibition at the HFBK, by art students who did a residence at a climate research center in Hamburg (Exzellenzclusters CliSAP), entitled “Kunst trifft Wissenschaft” (Art meets Science).

More information on the event: here

More information on the residency by the students: here

Speech in Mo i Rana (Norway)

mo i rana

I was invited to contribute to an upcoming event on the ‘Campus Helgeland’ in Mo i Rana (Norway), on October 24th-26th 2014.

About the event:

A gathering of the ar(c)t(ic) tribes II is a seminar on contemporary art, urban development and social change, focusing on art projects in public spaces. What happens when artists intervene directly in society? What is the connection between sustainability and art, e.g. in community development in a local context? Is it possible for art to be an agent for social change?

Target audience: Artists, architects, curators, art historians, employees of museums and art institutions, members of art associations, teachers and other public servants and decision-makers.

Read more on the facebook page of the event: click here

About my contribution: “Cities as anthroposcenes and urban resilience”

In contrast to neoliberal “Creative Class” discourses and “Creative City” policies, attempts towards “Creative Sustainable Cities” should strive to develop urban resilience. I will introduce this perspective and share some preliminary impressions from my ongoing exploration of a few cities around the world, where artists and others are trying to develop urban ‘spaces of possibilities’ with diverse scopes and scales. I will sketch some of the ways in which these cities are engaged with by individuals, groups or coalitions of artists and others , involving a range of relationships to cities as ‘anthroposcenes’ and of potentials for socially transformative effects.

Interview in Zeit Online

I was interviewed in Zeit Online, published on Friday September 12th, alongside the City Link Festival and Congress:  

NB: The interview was first edited down to 2 pages by the interviewing journalist, which is fine, but then again further edited and shortened by the ‘editors’ at Zeit online, so that some important points, which I insisted upon to be published, were left out or reformulated by the editors (i.e. extremely simplified, for ‘my’ sentences to be shorter)… for ‘lack of space’, I guess (or rather because they have specific preconceptions about their readers).

Talks in September 2014

I’ll be involved in a few events this month:

  • From September 4th to 6th in Cluj-Napoca (Rumania), at the 8th Conference of the Sociology of the Arts Research Network of the European Sociological Association (ESA Arts RN), I will do a presentation on “The city as anthropo-scene? Art and urban spaces of possibility in the Anthropocene”. I will also be chairing a few sessions, and am organizing one additional, experimental format at the conference: the “Cluj Transect Walk” on September 3rd and its feedback session during the conference. Link to conference website
  • On September 12th in Hamburg (at the Hafencity University), I will be talking at the International City Link Congress “Cities, Culture and Sustainability”. My talk will be on “The emergence of creative sustainable cities”. Link to Congress website
  • On September 13th, in Hamburg, I am part of a debate (in German language) at “P/ART Producers Artfair”, on “an Den Rändern Mittendrin: Kunst & Stadt”. Link to the website.
  • On September 25th, I will be part of a debate in Oslo (Norway), at the Stenersenmuseet, on “Økologisk kollaps: Kunst, forskning, aktivisme – hvordan skape allianser?” (I will add the English title and more info as soon as available).

About the availability of our book from 2008

2008-greenbookSome people have been asking me whether the book we published in 2008, Sustainability: a new frontier for the arts and cultures, is still available in hard copies, or as ebook, given that it is not (or not often, and not for new copies) available at Amazon anymore. So I inquired with the publisher, and can share the following information:

There are still about 40 hard copies available, that you can directly order from the publisher, at (direct link to the book: here) or by email at “Südost Service”:

Next year (2015) or maybe already at the very end of this year (2014), the book will be made available as eBook, by the publisher VAS in partnership with “LIBREKA”.