Interview of Sacha Kagan in Art Now Pakistan

Art Now Pakistan did an interview of Dr. Kagan at the opening of the Karachi Biennale. Find the interview here: Sacha Kagan on art’s role in environmental sustainability

Overview of Sacha Kagan’s professional activities between July 2018 and October 2019

A chronological overview of my recent activities (besides regular teaching as external lecturer at the Leuphana University in Lueneburg, Germany):

  • In July 2018, I gave an invited paper presentation entitled “Political imaginaries of sustainability: Looking into the interplay between imagination and imaginaries”, at the Workshop “Conceptualizing the Political Imaginary” organized by the ZIF (Center for Interdisciplinary Research) at the Universität Bielefeld (Germany).
  • In August 2018, I was a guest speaker at the Schader Forum (talking about: “Ecological Art, Spaces of Possibilities and the Deep Leverage Points of Institutional Innovations”) at: Kunst, Ökologie und Ecovention 7. Internationale Waldkunst Konferenz. Host: Schader Stiftung, Darmstadt (Germany).
  • In September 2018, I coordinated the workshop “Making Urban Spaces of Possibilities: Cultural infrastructures and the politics of cooperation in real-utopian place-making”, at the 10th Midterm Conference of the Research Network Sociology of the Arts at the European Sociological Association (ESA RN2). The conference, entitled “Creative Locations: Art, Culture and the City”, was held at the University of Malta in Valetta, Malta.
  • In October 2018, I gave an invited presentation (entitled” A Plea for Artful Public Policies (queering convivialism and cultivating urban spaces of possibilities)”)  and was a panelist in a ‘Podiumsdiskussion’ (entitled “Kunst und Öffentlichkeit”), at the Symposium Berliner Bärenzwinger. Host: Märkisches Museum, Berlin.
  • Also in October 2018, I was invited to show preview-extracts from my film “Hanother”, and to take part as guest panelist in a ‘Podiumsdiskussion/Gespräch’ (conversation) mit two Green Party MPs of the Hamburg City-State Parliament  (the spokesperson for culture, and the spokesperson for urban development) under the title “Raum der Möglichkeiten: Stadtentwicklung durch Kultur”. Host: Theaterdeck Hamburg.
  • In November 2018, besides the World Premiere of Hanother at the Utopianale film festival in Hannover (already reported in an earlier blog post here), I was also a guest speaker (with a talk entitled “Stadt als Möglichkeitsraum – Nachhaltige Stadtentwicklung durch künstlerische Interventionen, kritisches Placemaking und emergente urbane Kulturen”), at: Herbsttagung des City-Management-Verbands Ost und der Bundesvereinigung für City- und Stadtmarketing Deutschland e.V. The event was held at the Berlischky Pavillon, in the city of Schwedt an der Oder.
  • In January 2019, I took part in a panel discussion entitled “Stadt als Handlungsraum – zwischen Kultur und Stadtentwicklung”, at the Zukunftswerkstatt Ihme-Zentrum, Hannover. Organisers were: Agentur für kreative ZwischenRaumNutzung, and Kulturbüro der Landeshauptstadt Hannover.
  • In February 2019, I did together with Annette Grigoleit an academic “book launch” of our book from the research project “the city as space of possibilities” (and a film screening of my film Hanother) at the Audimax of the Leuphana University Lüneburg, as part of the “Leverage Points international conference on sustainability research and transformation”.
  • In March 2019, I took part (together with several colleagues and partners) in the public book launch of our book from the research project “the city as space of possibilities” (and a film screening of my film Hanother) at the cultural center “Pavillon Hannover”.
  • In April 2019, I gave a guest lecture (entitled “Urban Transformation in the Imaginary of Emergence: Spaces of Possibilities for Sustainable Urban Development”) at the NMBU: The Norwegian University of Life Sciences, in Ås, Norway. This was an invited lecture to contribute to the course “Climate Change and Development” of the Department of International Environment and Development Studies.
  • Also in April 2019 and back in Germany, I coordinated together with Prof. Dr. Harald Heinrichs the workshop “Arts-based methods and strategies in research, education and transformation to sustainable development” at the Leuphana University Lueneburg. At this two-days workshop, I held the introductory talk about arts-based research for sustainability, moderated a panel debate, organized and animated one of the workshops, helped coordinate the event, and coordinated the final report from the event (which is available upon request, if you contact me).
  • In May 2019, I was taking part in a panel discussion on a floating island designed by the artist Joy Lohmann, for the opening of his floating education island “Flow-Garden” on the “Maschteich” pond at the Hannover City Hall.
  • Also in May 2019, I gave a guest lecture (entitled “The Cultural Dimension of Sustainability. Imaginaries of Sustainable Development and the Artistic Turn in Sustainability Research”) at the Brandenburgische technische Universität Cottbus, (within the Lectures Series “Why Environmental Humanities?”). The full audio file of my talk is available here.
  • In June 2019, I was invited to screen my film Hanother and to take part in the panel discussion “Urbane Möglichkeitsräume in Potsdam” at the Einstein Forum in Potsdam.
  • In July 2019, I gave the workshop  “Cultural activators in spaces of possibility: Possibility: Imagining, Experimenting and Prefiguring Sustainable Cities“ (and screened my film Hanother) at the Baltic “Urb Cultural Planning” international conference “Urban Transformation through Art and Culture”. Host: Heinrich Böll Stiftung Schleswig-Holstein, Kiel. Organised as part of the Interreg Baltic Seas urban program 2019-2021 “Urbculturalplanning”.
  • In August 2019, I gave a guest speech (entitled “Wi(e)der der kreativen Stadtneoliberalisierung”) at the opening of the CityLeaks Urban Art Festival in Köln.
  • In the course of 2019, I was a member of the scientific committee of the ENCATC Congress 2019 (organized in Dijon in October 2019, hosted by the Burgundy School of Business, with in 2019 the theme “Diversity and sustainability at work. Policies and practices from culture and education”).
  • Later today (October 18th 2019), I will be screening my film Hanother and giving a short talk + animating an informal exhange (and group game) about insights from the research project “city as space of possibilities”, at the “Schaltzentrale” in Hamburg.
  • On the final days of October 2019, I will be a guest speaker at the Karachi Biennale in Pakistan, giving a talk entitled “Art in Response to Unsustainability: a focus on wetlands and (coastal) cities”. I will also give a workshop entitled “Art in Response to Unsustainability: art, ecology and urban spaces of possibility”, also at the Karachi Biennale and with the support of the Goethe Institut Pakistan.

CFP: Queer Convivialism

I will be guest-editing a Special Issue of the Taylor & Francis Journal World Futures on Queer Convivialism: “Queer Convivialist Perspectives for Sustainable Futures”.

Upon request from colleagues, I am now uploading the CFP (call for papers) here as downloadable PDF file:  queer convivialism – call for papers (click to open)

Please note the deadlines:

  • March 31st 2019 (abstract)
  • June 31st 2019 (full text manuscript)

See the CFP for more details on the thematic orientation of the special issue…

Weltpremiere von HANOTHER bei Utopianale Filmfestival (in Hannover) am 11.11.2018


Die Weltpremiere des Dokufilms Hanother: urbane Möglichkeitsräume für nachhaltige Entwicklung (Sacha Kagan, 88 Minuten) wird bei der Utopianale (Filmfestival in Hannover) am 11.11.2018 stattfinden.

Hanother wird als Schlussfilm des Festivals gezeigt, abends am 11.11.2018: “Weil überraschend deutlich wird, wieviel bereits passiert, haben wir dem Film den Abschluss unseres Wochenendes gewidmet.”



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Avis aux Francophones

Je suis “retombé” par hasard sur l’enregistrement audio d’une intervention que j’avais faite en Français fin Novembre 2015 (et dont j’avais entre-temps oublié l’existence). Et comme j’interviens rarement en Français, ce fichier audio est très bienvenu…

Le 28 Novembre 2015, j’étais le premier intervenant de la  “Seconde Assemblée” (une série d’échanges organisés à Paris par le centre d’art et de recherche BétonSalon, à l’Université Paris 7, juste avant la COP21). La rencontre était intitulée “Assembly for a sutainable Future: Art & Culture(s) facing Environmental Crisis” (ce qui, traduit en Français, serait: “Assemblée pour un futur soutenable: Art & Culture(s) face à la crise écologique”).

Ma présentation était intitulée: “L’art queer du convivialisme et la complexité comme expérience: La culture comme transformation dans les espaces de possibilité urbains”.

Sur la piste audio ci-dessous, ma présentation commence à 07 minutes et 25 secondes et se termine à 37 minutes et 20 secondes:

Source: webpage by BétonSalon (page en Anglais).