Opening Keynote by Sacha Kagan today at the 2nd International Symposium on Arts, Urbanity & Sustainability (live on Youtube)

I will be giving a talk today/tonight (at 20:00 in Germany, 16:00 in Brazil), 22.11.2021, for the opening of the second SIAUS conference (“2º Simpósio Internacional em Artes, Urbanidades e Sustentabilidade”) at the Federal University of Sao-Joao-del-Rei (UFSJ, Brazil). The conference theme this year is “Designing the Future Now”. The theme of my opening keynote is: “Queering Futures of Conviviality”. It will be streamed live on Youtube (link below)… The talk will be in English with Portuguese subtitles (pre-recorded), followed by a live discussion in English…

Youtube live video link:

See also (website in Brazilian Portuguese):

Online Conference on Culture and Sustainability

On Tuesday 14th of September 2021, starting at 11:00 am AEST (which is 3:00 am CEST, in Europe), I will be taking part in the 9th “OnCon” on “Culture and Sustainability”, of the CREATE Center at Sydney School of Education and Social Work, The University of Sydney (Australia).

My talk is entitled “Complexity, Imaginaries and approaching procedural Sustainability through Art”.

More details and registration for this online event at:

Video from talk on “Spaces of Possibility & Potentiality: Conviviality Queered in a Culture of Complexity”

The video recording from my talk yesterday at the 37th Summer Academy of the ASPR (Austrian Study Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution), is already available online on Youtube:

The ASPR event is still running until tomorrow (see my previous post). The videos from the talks are all being gradually uploaded here:

Online Talk (in English) within the ASPR 37th Summer Academy

On September 2nd at around 15:00 (3PM) CET (or to be more precise, this should be “CEST” – the Summer Time in Austria), Sacha Kagan will give an online talk (via Zoom) within the 37th Summer Academy of the ASPR (Austrian Study Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution).

The talk is entitled: “Spaces of Possibility & Potentiality: Conviviality Queered in A Culture of Complexity”

The ASPR Summer Academy / Sommeracademie, titled “Homeland Earth / Heimatland Erde” and dedicated to Edgar Morin’s 100 years, starts already today, September 1st, at 17:00 CET, and runs until September 4th, with many talks and discussions in German and in English.

Registration can be done here:

SAK Programm und Zoom Links (PDF file)

Overview of the English-language talks:

Vidéo (FR) de la “Rencontre Publique avec Sacha Kagan: Vers un art écologique” (La Marmite, Mai 2021)

La vidéo (en Français) de la “Rencontre Publique avec Sacha Kagan: Vers un art écologique”, en Mai 2021 (en ligne sur Zoom) dans le cadre des “Conférences Populaires de La Marmite”, Genève, en collaboration avec le Théâtre des Osses de Givisiez (Suisse), est désormais disponible sur Youtube:

La description et le programme de l’événement sont sur le site web de La Marmite: