CFP: Queer Convivialism

I will be guest-editing a Special Issue of the Taylor & Francis Journal World Futures on Queer Convivialism: “Queer Convivialist Perspectives for Sustainable Futures”.

Upon request from colleagues, I am now uploading the CFP (call for papers) here as downloadable PDF file:  queer convivialism – call for papers (click to open)

Please note the deadlines:

  • March 31st 2019 (abstract)
  • June 31st 2019 (full text manuscript)

See the CFP for more details on the thematic orientation of the special issue…


Weltpremiere von HANOTHER bei Utopianale Filmfestival (in Hannover) am 11.11.2018


Die Weltpremiere des Dokufilms Hanother: urbane Möglichkeitsräume für nachhaltige Entwicklung (Sacha Kagan, 88 Minuten) wird bei der Utopianale (Filmfestival in Hannover) am 11.11.2018 stattfinden.

Hanother wird als Schlussfilm des Festivals gezeigt, abends am 11.11.2018: “Weil überraschend deutlich wird, wieviel bereits passiert, haben wir dem Film den Abschluss unseres Wochenendes gewidmet.”



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Avis aux Francophones

Je suis “retombé” par hasard sur l’enregistrement audio d’une intervention que j’avais faite en Français fin Novembre 2015 (et dont j’avais entre-temps oublié l’existence). Et comme j’interviens rarement en Français, ce fichier audio est très bienvenu…

Le 28 Novembre 2015, j’étais le premier intervenant de la  “Seconde Assemblée” (une série d’échanges organisés à Paris par le centre d’art et de recherche BétonSalon, à l’Université Paris 7, juste avant la COP21). La rencontre était intitulée “Assembly for a sutainable Future: Art & Culture(s) facing Environmental Crisis” (ce qui, traduit en Français, serait: “Assemblée pour un futur soutenable: Art & Culture(s) face à la crise écologique”).

Ma présentation était intitulée: “L’art queer du convivialisme et la complexité comme expérience: La culture comme transformation dans les espaces de possibilité urbains”.

Sur la piste audio ci-dessous, ma présentation commence à 07 minutes et 25 secondes et se termine à 37 minutes et 20 secondes:

Source: webpage by BétonSalon (page en Anglais).

Presentation and Award received at the 2018 ATLAS T3 Conference “Being Transdisciplinary”

In June 2018, I was invited as guest speaker (with a presentation on “Artful Sustainability in Transdisciplinary Spaces of Possibility”) and moderated a Round-Table (on “Being Transdisciplinary in Sustainability Studies and Actions”) at the 2018 ATLAS T3 (Transdisciplinary, Transnational, Transcultural) International Conference “Being Transdisciplinary”, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Rumania.
The conference gathered many inspiring insights from international transdisciplinary researchers, including philosophers, artists, religious and spiritual scholars, diplomats, engineers, social scientists, etc., who find inspiration in the works of Basarab Nicolescu and of other theoreticians of transdisciplinarity.

Video of my presentation:


At that conference, I was also most honored to receive the Basarab Nicolescu Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering Award 2018, awarded by the Academy for Transdisciplinary Learning and Advanced Studies (ATLAS).
It was not merely an academically and intellectually  important recognition, but also a much more deeply felt joy to receive this strong symbolic gesture coming from the members of the ATLAS and most especially from Basarab Nicolescu himself, whose axioms of transdisciplinarity, together with Edgar Morin’s qualitative complexity, have become cornerstones of not just my academic work but my thinking and practice in general over the past 9-10 years.

Dr. Sacha Kagan being handed the 2018 Basarab Nicolescu Award by Prof. Dr. Raymond Yeh

Dr. Sacha Kagan being handed the 2018 Basarab Nicolescu Award. Prof. Dr. Raymond Yeh is handing the award.






Find out more at the Conference Website:

Find more videos from the conference here: Youtube Channel of the CIRET

Video from lecture: “Cultures of Sustainability: Transdisciplinary Research Cultures” (2014)

I’ll be posting over the next couple of days a few posts with videos from different talks I gave. I start here with an older video from 2014 that I just re-uploaded now. I am re-uploading this video because it disappeared from the website of Telemark University College already a while ago, so that people lost access.

‘Cultures of sustainability: transdisciplinary research cultures’. Keynote by Dr. Sacha Kagan at the international Symposium: “Cultures of Sustainability in the Age of Climate Crisis”. (Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Telemark University College, Bø, Norway, 13th–15th May 2014). The event was part of the European COST Action “Investigating Cultural Sustainability”.

The video URL on Youtube is: