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This page = Summary of activities, events and publications between 2007 and May 2009

From June 2009 onwards, all infos are to be found as blog posts on this website, but not on this page (blog posts are all accessible on the right-hand menu, in “recent posts” and in “archives”)…

For activities in 2006 and earlier, see my old website.


Karamoja Campaign activities


Benny Wenda, Rains, Sacha Kagan and Czech Minister of Education Tomáš Ryška (from left to right)

Panelist: Panel Discussion on “Our responsibility for threatened indigenous people in our globalized world”. Native and Indigenous Film Fest. Mazarykiana Brunensis Universitas & Moravské Zemské Muzeum, Brno (Czech Republic), May 2009.


At the Groningen panel

Panel organizer and paper presentation. Panel: “Pastoralism, sustainability and the complexity of humanitarian crises in Africa: comparative analyses and case studies”. Paper: “The Karamoja Syndrome: Transdisciplinary systems research informing policy and advocacy”. World Conference of Humanitarian Studies. University of Groningen (Netherlands), February 2009.

Presentation by students at the EU

Presentation by students at the EU

January 23rd: Advocacy visit to the European Commission and  UN delegations in Brussels…


Extract of the leaflet for the art intervention 'Caution Border'

Art installation 'Caution Border' inside the European Commission building 'External Cooperation'

Art Intervention ‘Caution Border’ at the European Commission, in public space (e.g. Grand Place) and at KAAI Studios…


At the Paris conference

Panel moderator: “The multifaceted impact of climate change: pastoralism”. Conference: “Climate Change and Security in Africa”, organized by EGMONT, ACTED, CERI and CEAN. CERI (Sciences Po Paris), January 2009.

Other activities


Introducing 'Art as Entrepreneurship in Conventions'...


...and experimenting with social borders 😉

Guest speaker: “arts and cultures of sustainability” + “art, social change and research”. Europe-Latin-American Symposium “Focus on Art for Social Transformation: Art as a catalyst for Political, Economic, Social and Environmental Development”. European Center for the Arts Hellerau, Dresden (Germany), May 2009.

Panelist (debate on “Re-Routing Mobility”) and guest speaker (on “Re-Writing the Future”). Burning Ice, Festival-Conference on art and climate change. KAAI Theater, Brussels (Belgium), January 2009.


Book Publication (April)

Book cover

Eds. Sacha Kagan and Volker Kirchberg, Sustainability: a new frontier for the arts and cultures, VAS, 2008

More info…

To buy the book: Either visit the publisher’s website or Amazon

Paper (Book discussion): Sustainability: a new frontier for the arts and cultures. “Arts, Culture and the Public Sphere: Expressive and Instrumental Values In Economic and Sociological Perspectives.” Joint conference of the Arts RN and Culture RN of the ESA. Venezia (Italy), November 2008.

Karamoja Campaign activities


With Kim de Vries, Florence Naduk, Luisa Natiwi, Moses Chuma (and Paul Collins Okello off picture)

Debate Moderator: “What future for pastoralist societies in East Africa?” International Conference: “The future of traditional societies in Africa: The situation of the Karamoja region of Uganda”. University of Groningen in collaboration with ACTED. Groningen (Netherlands), November 2008.


Participants at the Lüneburg conference on pastoralism

Coordinator: International Conference “European Awareness of Sustainability in Africa: Issues of Pastoralism”. Leuphana Universität Lüneburg in collaboration with ACTED. Lüneburg (Germany), October 2008.

Guest speaker: about the film “Land of Thorns” by Steffen Keulig and Sacha Kagan. 3e Salon international des Initiatives de Paix. Paris (France), May 2008.

Panelist: “Indigenous livestock breeds and livelihoods in marginal areas. From ‘destroyers of the environment’ to custodians of biodiversity: How can pastoralists change their image?” Planet Diversity: World Congress on the Future of Food and Agriculture. Bonn (Germany), May 2008.

Guest Lecturer: On Systems Thinking, Arts, Cultures and Sustainability. On Systems Thinking and  the Karamoja Awareness Raising Campaign. Geneva University of Art and Design, CCC Program. Geneva, Switzerland, April 2008.


Systems games workshop starting the Karamoja seminar

Workshop coordinator: Karamoja Campaign (with ACTED). Universities of Bordeaux (France) and Groningen (The Netherlands). March 2008.

Other activities


Carole Collet, Toshiroh Ikegami, Sacha Kagan, David Haley (and Shirley Soh off picture)

Moderator: “Climate for Change: Sustainable and Creative Solutions. Food, Shelter, Mobility and Clothing: How does climate change affect our basic needs and which sustainable solutions are we looking for?”. Asia-Europe Dialogue on Arts, Culture & Climate Change. International Conference at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing (China), October 2008.


The Beijing flowers of sustainability

Member of the Advisory Board for the Asia-Europe Dialogue on Arts, Culture & Climate Change. See the website and read the final report

Participant: TippingPoint Germany 2008. Open Space conference at the PIK (Potsdam Institut für Klimafolgenforschung), Postdam (Germany), September 2008.

Guest Lecturer: On Sustainability and the Arts, at the HKU (Utrecht School of the Arts), Utrecht (The Netherlands), September 2008.

At tipping-point

Panelist: “Greening the Arts: A Symposium to Explore a Role for the Arts in Creating a Sustainable World”. Participation by videoconferencing (to reduce carbon emissions). Level Green Institute & the US Initiative for the UN Decade on Education for Sustainable Development. April 2008, Ithaca (New York, USA).

Plenary speech: “Arts and Intercultural Competence for Sustainability: The Case of Dance.” Guest Speech for the launch of the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue in Lithuania, International Interdisciplinary Conference “The Dynamics of Intercultural Dialogue in Lithuania and Europe: Experience, Practice, Prospects”. National Library of Lithuania, Vilnius. March 2008.


The cultural Dimension of Sustainability – Towards an ecology of culture

orange sk-venezia-04

With Davide Brocchi

Biennale di Venezia, Collateral Event: Joseph Beuys “Difesa della Natura – The Living Sculpture : Kassel 1977-Venezia 2007”.  Thetis New Arsenal, Venezia (Italy), September 2007.

orange sk-venezia-25

With Shelley Sacks

A full day of events organized by the international network Cultura21. With lectures, debates, performances, videos and a workshop… For more information: Click here

ESA Arts Conference 2007

ESA _Arts_Conference_2007 (54)

Translating the presentation by Bernard Lahire

In March-April 2007, we organized at the University of Lüneburg, the 2007 edition of the conference of the Arts Research Network of the European Sociological Association.

I was coordinating one of the three thematic streams of the conference: Sustainability.

ESA _Arts_Conference_2007 (100)

With Jan Jordaan (Art for Humanity)


With Richard Peterson and Daniel Silver

Read the conference final report and watch the conference website

The catalogue of the 3 exhibitions program

I also coordinated and curated the art exhibitions program Everything will be fine / alles wird gut, held in conjunction with the ESA Arts conference. Catalogue available on Amazon

ESA _Arts_Conference_2007 (178)

Introducing the exhibition at the Kunstraum

ESA _Arts_Conference_2007 (193)

With Bettina Steinbrügge, Director of the Halle für Kunst


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