Copenhagen Diary

I am writing a daily diary from Copenhagen this week, on the webmagazine of Cultura21: Click here to read

The events I cover are:

  • On Sunday 6th and Monday 7th: the ASEF (Asia Europe Foundation) workshop on Arts, Culture and Sustainability: Building Synergies between Asia and Europe (18 invited experts + ASEF staff)
  • Monday to Wednesday: the conference Culture|Futures: The Transition to an Ecological Age 2050, organized by the Danish Cultural Institute with the help of other organizations including Cultura21 Nordic (about 200 participants from the cultural sector and eco-design/engineers)
  • Thursday 10th to Saturday 12th: Art interventions in the city, among which the embassies of Sustensistan (Cultura21 Nordic) and “Caution Border” (Cultura21 and Karamoja Campaign)…

For a direct account of the official COP15 conference itself, see the daily blog by ecological artist Aviva Rahmani.

3) You can also find some other blogs following Culture|Futures:
– ASEF blog in Copenhagen (
– Official blog of the Culture|Futures organizers (


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