Monthly Archives: July 2010

I’ve got mail

Today, I received “Postharto” (Esperanto for mail-art) at the office. See the photos… This 3D-Postcard was sent by Wolfgang Guenther, a mail-artist living near Alicante in Spain, and a promoter of the language Esperanto. The box evokes,  not without some irony, the notion of  “sensibility to the pattern which connects” that I borrowed from Gregory Bateson, to speak of  “aesthetics of sustainability” in my recent writings…

I also received by email, the following text in German from Wolfgang, which corresponds to the 3D-postcard:

endlichkeit dieses planeten
renten- & reise-angebote.
ökologische marktwirtschaft…
die kunst
der mann auf der strasse…
die ganze ästhetik:
die aufmerksamkeit
für das muster, das verbindet
die kultur
des aktiven widerstandes.
niemand soll sich irren:
it´s all Lame Deer…
nula horo
juli 2010
(eventuell noch
John Rawls
& das Tutzinger Manifest…)

Wolfgang also wrote an ironic text in Esperanto about the ASSiST summer school… Wolfgang or I may be able to post that text too, either here on my blog, or on the ASSiST website, if we can have an English translation next to the Esperanto original text… (I still need to get an English translation somehow, to be able to understand his long text in reaction to the summer school – 10 pages! – because I have forgotten the little-bit of Esperanto that I learned a few years ago…)