Some photos from the ‘sustainable creative cities’ workshop on Oct 2-3

I am uploading a few pictures from the 2 conferences I was at during October. First, the ‘Sustainable Creative Cities: the role of the arts in globalized urban context’ workshop, at the ASEF ‘Connecting Civil Societies’ conference in Brussels on October 2-3 (for more infos click here ; the workshop report will be published online & announced on my blog, in a few days):

Prof. Dr. Masayuki Sasaki, giving the impulse presentation for the workshop

Chatvichai Promadhattavedi, reflecting on Masayuki's article

Christina Stadlbauer, starting a walking conversation with Camille Dumas

David Haley, sharing the insights from a walking conversation about 'what is/could be a sustainable creative city'

Katelijn Verstraete, reporting on the workshop on her macbook, and Rudolf Brünger

Deepak Srinivasan, sharing insights from a walking conversation about 'the roles of the artists'

Myself, proposing as workshop facilitator a synthesis of the insights from the first day

Working on formulating possible recommendations...

Christina, Camille and Kyo Zapanta discussing recommendations

And finally, myself again, presenting our workshop's recommendations to the plenary closing session of the CCS4 Conference

with thanks to Manickam Nadarajah for taking the pictures! Alas, nobody took a picture of him during the workshop…


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