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Wealth and Sustainability -a video from ‘Ready to Change’ at Bunker, Ljubljana (December 2010)

The search process of sustainability fosters a reconsideration of the meaning and relevance of “wealth” for sustainable living, stimulating reflection on the aim of “living well together”. The different meanings and ambivalences of wealth (across its economic, social, cultural, spiritual, and ecological interpretations) shape a topography of opportunities and challenges for artists and other agents of social transformations on paths of (un-)sustainability.


Atelier Art, Ecologie & Développement Durable

Le 30 Mars 2011, j’interviendrai pour Cultura21 à Paris dans le cadre de l’ “Atelier Art, Ecologie & Développement Durable”, organisé par COAL pour le Ministère Français de l’Écologie, du Développement Durable, des Transports et du Logement. Plus d’infos sur le site de Cultura21: cliquer ici