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Art and Sustainability: Connecting Patterns for a Culture of Complexity

Upcoming book publication

Sacha Kagan. Art and Sustainability: Connecting Patterns for a Culture of Complexity. Bielefeld: transcript Verlag, 2011.

July 2011, ca. 476 p.,  ca. 39,80 € – ISBN 978-3-8376-1803-7

This book is the outcome of my PhD research over the past few years. It proposes an understanding of “culture(s) of sustainability”, “aesthetics of sustainability” and “art and sustainability”,  based on an in-depth theoretical elaboration and a critical review of 4 decades of ecological art. The book will be available in late July from the publisher (but it can be pre-ordered already now).

A4 flyer with the table of contents: PDF file

Links: Book page on the publisher’s website / Order page on the publisher’s website (The book is available from the publisher and from since July 1st – shipping worldwide ; however, it will be available from the US distributor and from only from Nov. 30)

A ‘short impression’ of the book, by Prof. Dr. Hans Dieleman, is available on the eco/art/scot/land blog: click here to read

Update: Overview of reviews of this book in 2012: click here


Article in the Slovenian newspaper Delo

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An article was published on March 12th 2011 in the Slovenian newspaper Delo, in the Saturday Edition (Sobotna Priloga), by Maja Megla, about my work on arts, culture and sustainability and about Cultura21.   I met Maja Megla, and had a wonderful long discussion with her, back in early December 2010 in Ljubljana, thanks to Bunker, the organizers and hosts of “Ready to Change”, an international forum as part of the “Sostenuto” project. To learn more about the “Sostenuto” project, please visit their blog at

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Here are the screenshots of the 2 full pages of the article. (With warm thanks to Samo Selimovic for sending me a copy of the newspaper, and to Alenka Barber-Kersovan, for reading/translating the article to me :-))