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Intervention in Nancy (France)

Aesthetics of Sustainability: Fostering a sensibility to complexity

At the ICN Business School, Nancy (France) – in the framework of the “Chaire Arts & Sustainable Enterprise”

June 8th 2011 – 13:00 to 15:00

The guest speech will be summarizing a few of the topics analyzed in Sacha Kagan’s upcoming book: Art and Sustainability: Connecting Patterns for a Culture of Complexity, transcript Verlag, 2011.
More especially, the focus will be on artistic thinking and practices based on a sensibility to complexity.
Following this presentation, a systems thinking game called “triangles” (designed by Linda Booth-Sweeney and Dennis Meadows) will be played with the participants. The game will allow participants to glimpse at an embodied cognition of complex systems.


Advance praise for the book

Advance praise in English, French and German, for the book Art and Sustainability: Connecting Patterns for a Culture of Complexity (coming out in July):

“Selten hat jemand die entscheidenden zukunftsweisenden Ansätze Systemtheorie, Phänomenologie und Autoökopoiese so gut miteinander in Beziehung gesetzt wie Sacha Kagan in seinem neuen Buch. Auch seine Kritik am Holismus bei der gleichzeitigen Würdigung dieses Ansatzes ist sehr gelungen. Es wäre zu wünschen, dass dieser in erster Linie angelsächsische Diskurs durch Sacha Kagans Arbeit stärker Eingang in die deutschsprachige akademische Welt findet und im Zuge dessen auch von einer breiteren Öffentlichkeit wahrgenommen wird. Denn Nachhaltigkeit als kulturelles Problem zu begreifen und die Kultur der Nicht-Nachhaltigkeit zu durchschauen ist eine Aufgabe, die alle angeht.”
Lara Mallien, Chefredaktion Zeitschrift »Oya«

“L’approche de Sacha Kagan des questions que soulèvent les différentes formes d’accompagnement ou de traduction des questions de l’écologie et du développement durable dans le domaine de l’art est remarquable, non seulement pour l’ampleur des aspects pris en considération mais surtout pour l’attachement remarquable dont témoigne l’auteur pour une pensée de la complexité, telle qu’elle a été développée notamment par Edgar Morin. Il y a là un véritable effort pour renouveler la réflexion sur l’activité artistique dans ce domaine aujourd’hui.”
Prof. Dr. Jacques Leenhardt, Directeur d’Études à l’École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (Paris) et Président d’Honneur de l’Association Internationale des Critiques d’Art (AICA).

“The field of ecological arts has awaited this seminal work for some time. Grounded in a deep understanding of complexity and the potential for transdisciplinarity, this book liberates art to be meaningful again.”
Dr. David Haley, Ecological Artist and Senior Research Fellow at MIRIAD, Manchester Metropolitan University

“Probably the best book out there on topic. We are all desperate for really brilliant writing about art, culture and the real environmental issues most of us are so concerned with. Kagan’s book implies there’s light on the intellectual horizon.”
Aviva Rahmani, Ecological Artist (Vinalhaven, Maine, and NYC, USA)

“Kagan is presenting a broad panorama of theoretical approaches as well as artistic schools and projects while he manages to link, contextualize and relate these approaches and projects in consistent ways. As a result the book is relevant for scientists and academics as well as for artists and art managers.”
Prof. Dr. Hans Dieleman (Universidad Autónoma de la Ciudad de México), extract from “Art and Sustainability – a short impression of the book” – on the eco/art/scot/land blog (28.03.2011).

Links: Book page on the publisher’s website / Order page on the publisher’s website (The book is available from the publisher and from since July 1st – shipping worldwide ; however, it will be available from the US distributor and from only from Nov. 30)