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Arto kay Dauropovo

A short summary of my book Art and Sustainability in Esperanto language was just published in the 6th issue of Kiosko – libera, skeptica transkultura, edited by Wolfgang Guenther (ISBN: 978-3-9814988-0-6, 2012, Kassel: self-publication: The title in Esperanto is “Arto kay Dauropovo: Konektante Modeloyn por Kulturo de Komplekseco” (pp. 54-62).

As with the previous issues, this yearly issue of Kiosko is a hand-made treasure-trove, full of interesting texts, poems and collages/mail-art.

I thank Wolfgang very much for the text translation – Dankon! By the way: Wolfgang also created the Esperanto language section of Cultura21’s website.


Upcoming in February 2012

The month of February will be quite busy:

  • I will moderate a semi-plenary forum on “Connecting and Catalyzing: Aesthetics + Community + Ecology toward a culture of sustainability” at the “Radius of Art” Conference at the Heinrich Boell Foundation in Berlin, Feb. 8th-9th. (I was part of the organization of that conference, conceiving its thematic window “art towards cultures of sustainability”.) More information on the conference website
  • In parallel to the conference, the Heinrich Boell Foundation will be publishing, in its “ecology” series, an essay of mine, entitled “Toward global (environ)mental change: Transformative Art and Cultures of Sustainability”. [I will give the download link when available…]
  • I will speak at the symposium “Science, Sustainability, and the Arts” at the 2012 Meeting of the AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science), in Vancouver on Feb. 17th. More information at this webpage
  • I will take part in this year’s HERA ‘Matchmaking’ event in Berlin on the 21st (a research fundraising related event)
  • I will present a paper at the Leuphana Sustainability Summit “Sustainability: Enabling a Transdisciplinary Approach”, at Leuphana University Lueneburg, Feb 29th to March 2nd (conference webpage here). The paper is entitled “Aesthetics of Sustainability: a transdisciplinary approach requires a sensibility to complexity”.