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We the Gardeners, Cooks, Craftsmen, Action Thinkers – We the resilients?

From June 5th to 9th 2012, I was at the 5th edition of the “Burning Ice” Festival organized by KAAI Theater in Brussels, under the title “We the Gardeners”. You can read a short text about it, entitled “We the Gardeners, Cooks, Craftsmen, Action Thinkers – We the resilients?” which I published on Cultura21’s webmagazine on June 18th.

Here’s the direct link to the article.


New publication in German language

The German translation of my essay “Toward Global (Environ)Mental Change” was released this month by the Heinrich Böll Stiftung. Titled “Auf dem Weg zu einem globalen (Umwelt-) Bewusstseinswandel – Über transformative Kunst und eine geistige Kultur der Nachhaltigkeit”, the 50-pages text (translated from the English by Dr. Andreas Weber, with my editorial review) is available in print for free from the Böll Foundation, and online in PDF form on their website at: