Talks in September and October

I’m having a few talks this and next month:

  • I presented a paper on “the practice of ecological art” at the 7th conference of the European Research Network Sociology of the Arts, in Vienna (Austria) on September 7th. Conference website
  • I will give a talk entitled “The Serendipedestrian” at the closing symposium of “Sideways” on September 15th in Zutendaal (Belgium). Website
  • I’ll be giving a guest lecture on art and sustainability at the Goethe Institut (Max Mueller Bhavan) by invitation of the Mohile Parikh Center, Mumbai (India) on Friday, October 12th at 6.30 pm. Website
    (I will also be for 2 weeks in Mumbai with a team from Leuphana University Lueneburg, for a study tour led by Massimiliano Nuccio, meeting artists, curators and other cultural practitioners in the city.)

serendipedestrianUpdate: Here’s one picture of what was happening as live projection (by a Sideways participant) behind me on the wall during my talk “The Serendipedestrian” at the Sideways closing symposium…



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