2 pieces of news

(1) A new review of my book “Art and Sustainability”, in Russian:

I have come across a new review of my book “Art and Sustainability”, in a Russian academic (peer reviewed) journal:

Yatsyk, A. (2013). Sacha Kagan. Art and Sustainability: Connecting Patterns for a Culture of Complexity. Bielefeld: Transcript Verlag, 2011. Laboratorium: Russian Review Of Social Research, 5(2), 193-196. Retrieved from http://soclabo.org/index.php/laboratorium/article/view/334/852

Here is a short quote from the review (I used Google to translate):

“Sacha Kagan’s work is impressive in the breadth of concepts, names and theories, the depth of their study, the saturation of the empirical material. Despite the impressive volume – more than five hundred pages – it is built very logically and systematically […] This work is not run like a hundred meters. Rather, it is like a marathon, you can not get that right the first time. However, it is worth it.”

(2) A video-conferenced plenary presentation at an academic conference in Australia:

I am giving a talk (through ‘Google Hangout’, from Lueneburg, Germany) in a plenary session at an upcoming conference at Curtin University (Perth, Australia). The conference name is “The Aesthetics of Sustainability”, on October 3rd and 4th 2013. The title of my contribution (on October 3rd at 2pm local time in Perth) is: “Complexity as experience: aesthetics towards cultures of sustainability”.

See the conference website here: http://humanities.curtin.edu.au/schools/DA/conference.cfm


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