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Talk in Singapore on March 12th


I am invited as keynote speaker to open the “i Light Symposium” on the morning of March 12th 2014 in Singapore, as part of the 3rd edition of the ‘sustainable light art’ festival i Light Marina Bay 2014.

Symposium program: click here

I entitled my talk: “The City is our Anthropo-Scene! Art as a Verb and Urban Sustainability Transformation”. (A publication will follow later in 2014, edited by festival curator Ong Swee Hong, in which I will contribute a short essay based on that talk…)

Thanks to the kind generosity of my hosts, I will be able to come to Singapore earlier in March, and will meet and interview several artists who are engaged in ways related to ‘cultures of sustainability’ in Singapore…


“Art and Sustainability” now available as eBook

art and sustainability

UPDATE (May 22nd 2014) – I  just now found on the “transcript Verlag” website that they already started selling the PDF directly on their website, here. That is for most people a better option than the  De Gruyter version (as discussed below)…

[Original post from Feb. 25th:] The 2nd, emended edition (2013) of my book Art and Sustainability: Connecting patterns for a culture of complexity, was just released as eBook a couple of days ago. It is distributed online (as are all the other books published at ‘transcript Verlag’) by De Gruyter. Here is the direct link:

UPDATE (April 15th 2014) – Beware! This ‘eBook’ format as distributed by De Gruyter is targeted at libraries, and is not practical for individual customers. The eBook is only available for download in chapters, not as one big PDF file… Some colleagues complained to me, I then enquired near my publisher “transcript Verlag” and here is what they wrote back to me:

“De Gruyter Online might be accessable for individual customers but the E-Books are mainly directed to libraries who actually prefer not only the PDF format but also to be able to download each chapter individually (that is, among other reasons, because libraries buy access to the plattform rather than to every single book.) As libraries are a very large group within our customers, it is of utmost importance to us, to provide them the content in the exact way as they need them. […] However, we will start selling the ebooks on our website and several other online-shops soon. Here, you can download the whole book in one.
We will – in time – inform our authors about this possibility. “