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About the availability of our book from 2008

2008-greenbookSome people have been asking me whether the book we published in 2008, Sustainability: a new frontier for the arts and cultures, is still available in hard copies, or as ebook, given that it is not (or not often, and not for new copies) available at Amazon anymore. So I inquired with the publisher, and can share the following information:

There are still about 40 hard copies available, that you can directly order from the publisher, at (direct link to the book: here) or by email at “Südost Service”:

Next year (2015) or maybe already at the very end of this year (2014), the book will be made available as eBook, by the publisher VAS in partnership with “LIBREKA”.


Recorded Video from my Keynote at Telemark University College

My talk on May 14th 2014 about “Cultures of sustainability: Transdisciplinary research cultures”, at the international Symposium “Cultures of Sustainability in the Age of Climate Crisis”, May 13-15 2014, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Telemark University College, Bø (Norway), got recorded on video and is now available for watching online (the recorded talk lasts 61 minutes – the plenary discussion that followed the talk is not included in the edited video uploaded by Telemark University College):

The video can also be downloaded for offline watching:

And there is even an audio file for download:

The Symposium was organized as part of COST IS 1007 “Investigating Cultural Sustainability”.

By the way: Just one short comment about the video-recorded lecture: One colleague in the audience pointed me (in the following day) at one possible misunderstanding that my talk might generate. When I say the “ETH” approach in this talk, please understand it as a shorthand for “an approach and research culture stemming from researchers at the ETH” but not as implying that I am talking about everything going on and everyone at the ETH. Unlike the CIRET, the ETH is a very big organization and there are, at the ETH, also other approaches (and nuances) than the one I am focusing on in this talk. As I said in my talk, I am focusing here on two approaches that have international significance, but am not at all claiming that these are the only two approaches to Transdisciplinarity…