Overview of (and online resources from) my activities in the first half of 2016

A chronological overview of my public activities (besides my daily university work, i.e. the ongoing research in Hannover for the “SaM” project (“The City as Space of Possibility”) and the teaching in Lüneburg) in the first 6 months of 2016:

  • From January 12th to 17th, I took part (as guest speaker) in the “Sinopale Forum: Culture and Creativity for Local Development”, organized by the Sinopale Biennial in the cities of Istanbul (first half of the Forum) and Sinop (second half of the Forum), in Turkey. I was especially talking as guest speaker at a plenary session entitled “Can the concept of Creative City be applied to bottom up sustainable local development strategies? Which alternative economies can be born out of these?”. See the Sinopale Forum website: http://www.sinopaleforum.org/en/
  • On January 27th at the “Kulturbackerei” in Lüneburg (Germany), I was invited to take part in a local panel discussion in German language, with local cultural actors and policy-makers, moderated by Leuphana students and prepared by Dr. Verena Holz, about the future of the town’s local cultural sector (the title in German was “Welche Zukunft hat die Lüneburger Kulturlandschaft ?”). The debate had a special focus on Lüneburg’s policies and actions in the relationship betweeen culture and sustainability/sustainable development.
  • On January 29th and 30th I took part in the international Workshop “Artistic Strategies for Building Urban Space” in Berlin and Caputh (Germany) organized by Flussbad Berlin. I contributed a case presentation about: “An Embedded Double Agent: Frances Whitehead at the 606” (about the roles of one artist at a project in Chicago, IL, USA).
  • On February 19th and 20th, I took part in the interdisciplinary workshop “SEEMING TO BE TO BECOME REALITY: SUSTAINABILITY – A NORMATIVE FICTION IN ART, SCIENCE AND SOCIETY” organized by Prof. Dr. Regine Herbrik at the Methods Center of Leuphana University Lüneburg. My contributed paper was entitled: “”Proving the World more Imaginary”. Cultures of Sustainability, Cultural Sustainability”. More information here.
  • On February 23rd, I moderated a conversational workshop (‘Werk­statt­gespräch’) in German language entitled “Zukunftsstadt – Was kann die Kunst?” (City of the Future – What can art do?), as part of the Leuphana BA 1st Semester’s yearly “Konferenzwoche” (conference week) on sustainability. Our two guests were Amelie Deuflhard (Kampnagel, Hamburg) and Markus Bruggaier (Orchester des Wandels, Berlin).
  • From April 2nd to 5th, I organized and led a workshop in Lisbon, Portugal, by invitation of the Teatro Maria Matos, within the festival “as 3 ecologias” led by the choreographer Vera Mantero. My workshop was entitled “Urban Spaces of Possibility” (being conceptually related to our ongoing “SaM” research project) and invited participants to apply and experiment with the “walking with video” method from sensory ethnographer Sarah Pink, visiting several sustainability-seeking cultural initiatives in the city of Lisbon. Mode details here (in Portuguese).
  • On June 2nd, I gave a guest lecture at the University of Greifswald (Germany) entitled “Artful Sustainability: The imagination of world-making versus the fiction of planning”. The lecture was scheduled as part of the inter-faculty lecture series “Nachhaltigkeit interdisziplinär. Anstöße für den Übergang” (Sustainability in an interdisciplinary way. Impetuses for the transition). Webpage

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