Monthly Archives: December 2016

Overview of (and online resources from) my activities in September-November 2016

(Sorry, this was another semester without enough time to write more frequent, detailed and/or personal posts…) Please find here a chronological overview of my public activities (besides my daily university work, i.e. the ongoing research in Hannover for the “SaM” project (“The City as Space of Possibility”) and the teaching in Lüneburg) in September and November 2016:

  • September 5 to 7, Museu Municipal de Espinho (Portugal): I coordinated together with Nancy Duxbury, the CES (Center of Social Studies, University of Coimbra) and ESA RN2 (Research Network Sociology of the Arts, European Sociological Association) Summer School “Artistic and other Creative Practices as Drivers for Urban Resilience”. The core team of the summer school was also constituted of: David Haley (Manchester Metropolitan University), Nathalie Blanc (LADYSS, UMR 7533 CNRS) and Verena Holz (Leuphana Universität Lüneburg). More information: on the summer school website
  • September 8 to 10, University of Porto (Portugal): I chaired and coordinated together with Paula Guerra (University of Porto) the 9th Midterm Conference of the Research Network Sociology of the Arts at the European Sociological Association (ESA RN2): “Arts And Creativity: Working on Identity and Difference”. More information: on the conference website ; programme ; book of abstracts
  • September 28, Gängeviertel, Hamburg: Invited speaker at “Art and Culture Fostering Urban Futures” (Podiumsdiskussion) as part of URBANIZE!
 Housing the Many – Stadt der Vielen”. More info here
  • November 3, Institut d’Estudis Catalans / Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain): Keynote Speaker: “Artful Sustainability: The artistic turn in sustainability science”, as part of “Realizing Potentials: conversations and experiments at the frontier of art-based sustainability” (flyer)
  • November 11, University of Bern (Switzerland): Invited paper: “The Arts and the Cultural Dimension in Transdisciplinary Sustainability Research: Towards Artful Sustainability”, as part of the Workshop ‘Cultural Dimensions of Sustainability’ (webpage)
  • November 16, University of Exeter (UK): Paper presentation: “Emergence, Complexity, Design, Planning, Control – Approaching issues of emergence in urban sustainable development through the lens of qualitative complexity”, at “Emergent Culture”: 6th midterm Conference of the European Sociological Association’s Research Network Sociology of Culture (ESA RN7) – conference website
  • November 25, CCA (Center for Contemporary Art), NTU (Nanyang Technological University), Singapore: Guest speaker: “Imaginaries of Sustainability, Critical Imagination and Urban Spaces of Possibility”, at the conference: “The Impossibility of Mapping (Urban Asia)”, as part of NTU CCA Ideas Fest 2016-2017 – event webpage