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Interview in Zeit Online

I was interviewed in Zeit Online, published on Friday September 12th, alongside the City Link Festival and Congress:  

NB: The interview was first edited down to 2 pages by the interviewing journalist, which is fine, but then again further edited and shortened by the ‘editors’ at Zeit online, so that some important points, which I insisted upon to be published, were left out or reformulated by the editors (i.e. extremely simplified, for ‘my’ sentences to be shorter)… for ‘lack of space’, I guess (or rather because they have specific preconceptions about their readers).


Let artists shape a resilient city

I published a short opinion piece in “The Straits Times” (Singapore) last Thursday (April 10th 2014). As Singapore newspapers are hard to find for many of us in the rest of the world, here’s the text of that piece (I had to keep it very short and fulfill the edit requests of the newspaper… I am also doing a longer article in a book to be published soon by the organizers of the i Light symposium).

Last month (March) I was invited to give a keynote address on art and sustainability at the i Light Symposium held at the URA Centre in Maxwell Rd. The aim of the conference was to bring together leading thinkers in the area of Light and Art, interrogating art’s power to improve society. I had diverse conversations with artists, architects, social scientists and others, on unsustainable development. I visited neighbourhoods ranging from Marina Bay to Bukit Brown.

These first impressions raised my awareness of the specific challenges of urban resilience for Singapore. In particular, impending climate change raises the question of Singapore’s “resilience” to serious future crises. Will it survive when the trusted approaches that granted wealth and stability to the island in the past will be severely tested?  Continue reading

We the Gardeners, Cooks, Craftsmen, Action Thinkers – We the resilients?

From June 5th to 9th 2012, I was at the 5th edition of the “Burning Ice” Festival organized by KAAI Theater in Brussels, under the title “We the Gardeners”. You can read a short text about it, entitled “We the Gardeners, Cooks, Craftsmen, Action Thinkers – We the resilients?” which I published on Cultura21’s webmagazine on June 18th.

Here’s the direct link to the article.

Copenhagen Diary

I am writing a daily diary from Copenhagen this week, on the webmagazine of Cultura21: Click here to read

The events I cover are:

  • On Sunday 6th and Monday 7th: the ASEF (Asia Europe Foundation) workshop on Arts, Culture and Sustainability: Building Synergies between Asia and Europe (18 invited experts + ASEF staff)
  • Monday to Wednesday: the conference Culture|Futures: The Transition to an Ecological Age 2050, organized by the Danish Cultural Institute with the help of other organizations including Cultura21 Nordic (about 200 participants from the cultural sector and eco-design/engineers)
  • Thursday 10th to Saturday 12th: Art interventions in the city, among which the embassies of Sustensistan (Cultura21 Nordic) and “Caution Border” (Cultura21 and Karamoja Campaign)…

For a direct account of the official COP15 conference itself, see the daily blog by ecological artist Aviva Rahmani.

3) You can also find some other blogs following Culture|Futures:
– ASEF blog in Copenhagen (
– Official blog of the Culture|Futures organizers (

délit d’outrage et violences policières

Suite à mon précédent post “rencontrer la police à Bordeaux”, où j’ai fait personnellement l’expérience du comportement grossier, agressif et inapproprié de deux policiers en civil ( ):

Un reportage récent d’Envoyé Spécial confirme, à travers le cas du “délit d’outrage”, l’ahurissante situation d’insécurité et d’injustice en France face aux violences de  policiers, qui de plus se font un business en tant que “parties civiles”, accusant leurs victimes (des citoyens courageux qui osent critiquer les violences policières) d’outrages… Le reportage est édifiant. Le système judiciaire Français est, concernant la police, une véritable abomination… ceci choque particulièrement vu d’Allemagne: mon partenaire, juriste en Allemagne, ainsi que ses amis politiques (qui je note en passant, ne sont PAS des gens de “gauche”), ont peine à comprendre que de telles choses soient mêmes imaginables dans une démocratie. Ils ont bien raison de remarquer que la France contemporaine est donc un régime à dérive autoritaire chronique, et tout sauf un exemple de démocratie.  L’Allemagne est en effet un pays où les droits des citoyens sont bien mieux respectés à ce niveau. Je suis très heureux d’habiter depuis 2005 en Allemagne plutôt qu’en France!!

Voir la vidéo sur le site de France2:

Une pétition est en ligne pour l’abolition du délit d’outrage:

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