Other works

Here you will find a list of some other works (besides writings)…

Documentary films

  • Hanother: Urbane Möglichkeitsräume für nachhaltige Stadtentwicklung (2018) ; English version: Hanother: Urban spaces of possibilities for sustainable futures – 88 minutes – about cultural and artistic initiaves for urban sustainability in the city of Hannover, Germany, based on our research project “the City as Space of Possibilities” (2015-2018, at Leuphana University Lüneburg).  See especially  http://www.facebook.com/hanother.film (most up-to-date) ; or else http://hanother.wordpress.com (less often updated).
  • Land of Thorns: struggling for survival in Karamoja (2008, co-directed with Steffen Keulig) – 49 minutes – about a semi-nomadic people in the North-East of Uganda, conflicts and the failures of ‘development’: Click here for more info and to see the film
  • Paroles Nomades (2003, co-directed with David Knaute) – 51 minutes – a “no-budget” student-film – about cohabitation and conflicts between students and gypsies/travelers on the university campus of Bordeaux: Click here to see the film (in French): part 1, part 2, part 3

Art interventions/Pieces

  • Tante Trust (2017, Collective, Urban Intervention/Performance in Hannover, Germany, by “Das Wundersame Aktionsbündnis der Tante Trottoir”)
  • Gift of Return (2013, video by the Ecoart Network) – about the New York City coastline reconstruction after Superstorm Sandy. More info here.
  • Be Seeing You (2013, by Jenny Brown and Sacha Kagan): shown at Semmer Berlin – Project Space, as part of the exhibition by Jenny Brown: “Many Happy Returns” – around the TV series ‘The Prisoner’. More info: Short announcement ; article about the show.
  • Caution Border (2009, by the Karamoja Campaign: Students at the CCC-Programme, Geneva University of Art and Design, and at Leuphana Universität Lüneburg) – a ‘trans-situ’ installation kit creating artificial borders and generating short talks with passers-by: More info… (left side of the webpage)
  • Leuphana21 (2007, by the Cultura21 Lüneburg group): shown at the Venice Biennale 2007 side-event at Arsenale Novissimo – Baci – a satirical PR campaign (“identity correction” a-la Yes Men) about university reform under neoliberal agendas (got tens of thousands of viewers online and attention from the German and Austrian press media like Zeit, Spiegel, Standard, etc.): video on YouTubeWebsite ; more info and press coverage in Germany
  • Ego Travels (2002, art intervention by students at Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, with Hans Dieleman) – fake travel agency, introducing eco-footprint as future-travel.

Work as Organizer/Curator/Collaborator of various events/projects

  • Principal Investigator at the Joint Research Project “The city as Space of Possibility”, coordinating the research area “creative and artistic practice for sustainable urban development”, Leuphana University Lüneburg, February 2015 to February 2018. Website (in German)
  • Coordination and Chairing of the 9th Midterm Conference of the Research Network Sociology of the Arts at the European Sociological Association (ESA RN2): “Arts And Creativity: Working on Identity and Difference”, held at the University of Porto (Portugal) on September 8-10 2016. Website
  • Conception and coordination of the CES (Center of Social Studies, University of Coimbra) and ESA RN2 (Research Network Sociology of the Arts, European Sociological Association) Summer School “Artistic and other Creative Practices as Drivers for Urban Resilience”, held at the Municipal Museum of Espinho (Portugal) on September 5-7 2016. Website
  • Curator (conception, coordination and moderation) of the first Xplore Symposium (“Embodying Enlivenment – Queer, SM and Eco-Sexual Perspectives”) in the framework of the Xplore Berlin Festival 2016 (“the festival on the art of lust”), at the alte Börse Marzahn, Berlin (Germany) on July 22-24 2016. More info
  • Collaboration in the conception of the final conference of the COST Action “Investigating Cultural Sustainability” (as member of the scientific committee): “Culture(s) in Sustainable Futures”, held in Helsinki on May 6-8 2015. Website
  • Member of the scientific coordination team for the
    MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) “Managing the Arts: Marketing for Cultural Organizations” at Leuphana University Lüneburg, for the Goethe Institute (2014-2015).
  • Conception and organization of the “Cluj Transect Walk” at the 8th midterm Conference of the Research Network Sociology of the Arts of the European Sociological Association (ESA), Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca (Romania), 3-6.09.2014. More info here
    NB: As a member of the board of that research network, I also took part in the scientific committee of every conference we organized since 2011.
  • Member of the coordination team for the international conference “Radius of Art: Creative politicization of the public sphere – Cultural potential forces for social transformation” (Heinrich Böll Stiftung, Berlin, 8-9.02.2012). Conception and coordination of the conference thematic window “art toward cultures of sustainability” (2011-2012)
  • Organization of Cultura21 events, including the first “Cultura21 Forum” (2011) and 2nd “Cultura21 Forum” (2015) in Germany.
  • Main organizer of the workshop “Sustainable Creative Cities: The role of the arts in the globalized urban context” at ASEF’s 4th Connecting Civil Societies Conference (2-3 October 2010, Brussels) in preparation for the ASEM8 Summit (4-5 October 2010, Brussels)
  • Founding Director of the International Summer School of Arts and Sciences for Sustainability in Social Transformation (ASSiST, 2010): More info here
  • Co-Coordinator: Karamoja Campaign (conferences and other events) (2008-2009): Website
  • Curator: Everything will be fine / Alles wird gut: Art exhibition at the Halle für Kunst Lüneburg and Kunstraum der Universität Lüneburg (2007): Exhibition catalogue on Amazon
  • Coordinator of the ‘Sustainability Stream’ at “New Frontiers in Arts Sociology: Creativity, Support and Sustainability”: 4th Interim Conference of the Arts Research Network of the European Sociological Association (2007): Website
  • Producer/Organizer: The energy of Intercultural Dance for Social Inclusion: Dance & Management Workshop (2004): more info…

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