Overview of (and online resources from) my activities in the second half of 2015

Over the past months, I failed to report on my activities on this blog. I will thus use this single post to catch up (with a chronological overview)…

In the first half of 2015, besides the activities already mentioned in previous posts on this website, I was also involved in the following:

  • Since February 2015, I am one of the four Principal Investigators of the Research Project “The City as Space of Possibility”, funded for three years by the new “Science for Sustainability” program of the Lower-Saxonian Ministry of Science. The project, which investigates the city of Hanover (Germany), uniquely integrates three faculties (culture, sustainability and economy) of the Leuphana University Lüneburg, with a central focus on cultures of sustainability. Within the project, I am responsible for the research area “artistic and creative praxis for a sustainable urban development”. The project website is in German language at www.leuphana.de/sam
  • On March 1st, I coordinated the invitation by Hannover’s cultural office and the ‘Cultural Organization and Cultural Mediation’ department at Leuphana University Lueneburg, of the US American artist Lillian Ball, for a meeting/workshop around her work, at the Künstlerhaus in Hannover (we watched a documentary film about Waterwash ABC in the South Bronx, Lillian talked about her work, and we had short exchanges with participants about the ecological and social significance of the rivers and canals in Hannover).
  • On April 14-16, I was with the “Footwork” research group of the Walking Artists Network, in Cornwall (UK), continuing our walking-workshops (walkshops?) around current directions in walking art, ending with a commonly written Footwork Manifesto which we contributed to the Symposium “Where To? The Future of Walking Arts” about future directions in walking art, at Falmouth University (website).
  • On April 27th, I was sharing and exchanging with colleagues and students within my own university (in Lüneburg), about “artistic research and transdisciplinarity”, thanks to an invitation from the inter-faculty Center for Methods, which organizes regular workshops on inter- and transdisciplinary research.
  • Still in Lüneburg at the Leuphana university, we had on June 22nd a workshop organized by the Digital School on the theme of “Future U:
    Futures of the University and Universities of the Future?” (which also related to the Arts Management MOOC that we had been collaborating on in previous months).
  • Southern in Germany, I was invited on June 29th by the Freiburg Scientific Theatre and the University of Freiburg, gave a talk about “Artful Sustainability Studies: Of aesthetics of complexity and radical open citizenship” (website) and had good exchanges with the members of the scientific theatre group.

In the second half of 2015, we organized at the German Cultura21 network,  the second “Cultura21 Forum” in two steps: First in Cologne, on May 30-31, we organized a sensory-ethnographic visit to the “Tag des guten Lebens” (‘day of good life’, a car-free Sunday festival in the neighborhood of Sülz), for people from outside of Cologne (webpage). Then on September 12th in Hannover as part of the ‘festival of the culture of change’ (Kultur des Wandels Fest), we organized an exchange between Cologne’s Tag des guten Lebens, Hamburg’s Gängeviertel, initiatives by Cultura21 Nordic in Danish cities, and Hannover’s car-free Sunday (webpage).

In the summer 2015, I organized in July a workshop on “Expanding aesthetics of complexity through the alchemy of BDSM: a conversational drift” at Xplore, a sexpositive festival of art, BDSM, Tantra and other embodied practices in Berlin, and in August I presented a paper at the Prague Conference of the ESA (European Sociological Association) on “Performing Contracts: BDSM, Performance Art and Aesthetics of Complexity”. At the Prague Conference I was also elected for two years, as the new Chair of the ESA Research Network 2: Sociology of the Arts.

In mid-October 2015, I was invited by the State University of Saint Petersburg (Russia) to join the second phase of their project “Arts for the City”, whereby we collaborated with the German game-art collective “Invisible Playground”, designing and playing a game in the “Red Triangle” district and discussing urban development (website).

In the final two months of 2015 I have been intervening several times in the context of COP21 (the UN Climate Change Negotiations in Paris):

  • On November 21st at the Theatre of Bremen, I gave a talk on “Performance under Climatic Conditions” (webpage).
  • On November 28th, I opened the “Second Assembly” in a series of exchanges organized in Paris by BétonSalon, a center for Art and Research at Université Paris 7, with a talk on “L’art queer du convivialisme et la complexité comme expérience: La culture comme transformation dans les espaces de possibilité urbains” (webpage).
  • On December 3rd and 4th, I was the General Rapporteur of the ”
    ArtCOP21 Professional Workshop” organized at the Gaîté Lyrique in Paris, i.e. the gathering of the international cultural sector alongside COP21. In the video below, you can see the final session of that meeting (I am speaking between 1h34 and 1h49 in the recorded video, giving concluding and critical remarks as general rapporteur).



Videos from Helsinki Conference on Youtube

The videos from the plenary sessions at the Helsinki Conference “Culture(s) in Sustainable Futures” (May 6th-8th 2015) are available on Youtube. The list with hyperlinks is here: http://videonet.fi/culturalsustainability/live/

Here below is plenary 3, with Frances Whitehead as Keynote, Lummina Horlings and Hans Dieleman as respondents, and myself (Sacha Kagan) as moderator and introducing the session:

Live streams from Helsinki this week…

This week: live streams from big conference on Cultural Sustainability in Helsinki: http://videonet.fi/culturalsustainability/live/
See also (e.g. for the program of streamed plenary sessions): http://www.culturalsustainability.eu/helsinki2015/

1st ARTEM Organizational Creativity International Conference

I will be taking part in the Plenary Round Table:  “Cross-disciplinary perspectives of creativity and sustainability”, opening the 1st ARTEM Organizational Creativity International Conference (ARTEMOCC 2015 – 26-27 March, 2015 – Nancy, France), together with Donald Huisingh (Editor-in-chief Journal of Cleaner Production; Professor of Sustainable Development at University of Tennessee, USA),  Paul Shrivastava (David O’Brien Distinguished Professor of Sustainable Enterprise; Director of David O’Brien Center for Sustainable Enterprise, Concordia University, Canada), Takaya Kawamura (Professor of Management Organization, Graduate School of Business, Osaka City University), Tudor Rickards (Professor of Creativity and Organizational Change, Manchester Business School) and David Wasieleski (Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, US and ICN Business School, Nancy, France).

I will also be presenting a paper at that conference (in preparation for an article to be submitted later to a journal, authored by myself and Volker Kirchberg), on music and sustainability.

More information about the conference: http://artemocc2015.sciencesconf.org/

NachDenkstatt 2014 – Universität Oldenburg

I’ll be giving a guest lecture on art and sustainability at the University of Oldenburg this Friday (November 21st 2014) to kick off the theatre workshop at the “NachDenkstatt” annual event organized by the university students of Oldenburg. I’ll be also following the rest of that workshop, which lasts over 3 days (Friday to Sunday).

More information here